The Community Manager Bootcamp

Learn the skills you need to get hired as a Web3 community manager.

What is it?

We’re bridging the community talent gap by…

A free online bootcamp

Attend community manager training and workshops from anywhere around the world.

A place to network

Connect with community managers, experts, and organizations in the Web3 space.

An opportunity to work

Learn the essential skills needed to get hired as a Web3 community manager through WGMI.

What you'll learn

By the end of this bootcamp you’ll be ready to work as a Web3 Community Manager...

and WGMI will help you get hired!

  • How to get a new Web3 community off the ground
  • The fundamentals of how to successfully manage a Web3 community
  • The best practices for managing a community - what you should and should not do
  • The timeliness strategies and tactics that have grown communities since Web1
  • Which tools and integrations you’ll need to effectively manage a community in Web3

How it works



During this 2-week educational program, you will attend live sessions taught by Web3 Community experts. This training is interactive and you’ll be able to ask questions directly to the trainer. In addition to the training sessions, you’ll also be part of weekly workshops where you will implement what you’ve learned in group projects.


After successful completion of the cohort program, you will be invited to participate in an apprenticeship program with a mentor and Web3 organization. You will be tasked with building a community from scratch, or supporting an existing community. Your mentor will help you execute the work properly, and you’ll also have access to the greater WGMI community for support.

Job placement

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you’ll be eligible to join the WGMI DAO as a consultant and/or be added to our public registry of vetted Web3 Community Professionals. This is where you’ll be positioned, and ready, to accept work as a Web3 Community Manager.

This bootcamp is for you if —

You want to level up your skills and work as a Web3 Community Manager.