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We're here to ensure the WGMI Community is up to date with community events. We are the first point of contact when new community members onboard with WGMI. We are super hands-on and can't wait for you to get involved. Find the Community Tribe in Discord and jump on a chat with us.



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We're responsible for leading the programming that helps get the word out about WGMI. We are a dynamic group and can't wait for you to get involved! Check out our working groups or join one of our weekly calls.


Patrick McCrann

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We're building partnerships and helping others build communities around their projects. If you're looking for work as a CM, hop in the Discord and get in touch!



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We're building out the future of Community Management education. If you want to be involved in the Bootcamp and carve out a path for Community Management in Web3, we'd love to hear from you.



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We're working tirelessly to define the processes that keep the DAO running. If proposals and planning are your thing, then reach out to us on Discord and join the discussion.



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We're helping everyone get stuff done! If organization, planning, and the execution of regular tasks and processes interests you, then we would be thrilled to have you.



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Keepers of the coins, distributors of the funds. Our Treasury Tribe oversees all our incoming and outgoing treasury management.

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