We’re on a mission to bring more Community Professionals into Web3

WGMI was built for educating up and coming community professionals & leaders in the Web3 space.

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We're building a community of community builders. Join us in shaping the future of community in Web3.

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Bootcamps, Workshops, Events, Oh my! Come learn with the WGMI Community.

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Learn more about how our Service DAO works and let us help grow your web3 community.

We’re putting the We in Web3

There is a huge demand online for Community Anything: Managers, Directors, and Leads. Even more traditionally technical positions, like Developers, are seeking Evangelists and Advocates like never before.

The WGMI Community educates up-and-coming Web3 community professionals and leaders.


We help build communities

We’re bridging the community talent gap by…

Service DAO

We’re sourcing the most cutting edge Community building strategies, programming, integrations, and execution by coordinating a DAO.


We’re designing curriculum and modules that aim to bring in the next wave of Community professionals to Ethereum and Web3.

Open Source

We’re curating the best Community humans and resources in the space. With the goal to package and share our learnings with the wider Ethereum community, as a shared consciousness of Community coordination, for others to adopt and adapt.

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How it Works

We’re bridging the community talent gap by…

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We host weekly workshops, chats and discussions around building web3 communities in Discord! Share your knowledge, or ask questions to our current community builders.

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Not sure where to start? Check out our bounty board and start contributing today. We're always looking for people with a wide range of skills.

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Building communities is our bread & butter

In Web3, the success of projects relies heavily on how well teams can build, scale and nurture communities. Why hire a Community Manager when you can hire a community of Community Managers?

Full stack community development

Community Growth

Community event coordination

Strategic job referrals

Active community management


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